About Us

About Us

I.Q.S.H. is a leading company in the field of hydraulics and pneumatics.

The company began its operations in 2000 and is engaged in the design, development, production and assembly of hydraulic and mechanical systems for the industry.

The ability to combine hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanics and control gives a great advantage in the field!

The professional and fast service combined with creative solutions and the extensive experience of the management and engineering team provide our clients with available support and knowledge.

in the IQS company – development and production – all work is carried out under one roof!  

The Company Authority:

  • development of products on demand including model construction.
  • w management, marketing and import team.
  • and engineering division that 3D designs all of its works.
  • making plant with a large number of machines including processing centers (CNC).
  • a large and varied inventory of hydraulic products in all its components.
  • And automatic running device for testing motors and pistons and hydraulic systems.
  • The dedicated department for designing and manufacturing hydraulic blocks.
  • confids criticism (each manufactured part is accompanied by a product portfolio).
  • The company renovates and upgrades power units, pistons, pumps, motors and all engineering mechanical hydraulic equipment.
  • The company provides solutions to problems such as: oil heating, oil filtration, oil liquidity, fault detection and adjustment of alternative pumps.
  • The company is an exclusive representative of HydraForce.
  • The company is engaged in importing and purchasing directly from the following companies:
    • The world’s leading German wenger company in the field of seals.
    • Salim Company – an Italian company with high-level hydraulic equipment.
    • A company hydraulic connectors.

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