Pressure watches

Pressure watches
Pressure watches

The IQS company specializes in the design and production of hydraulic and mechanical systems designed for various industrial needs.

The company has a large and high-quality stock of pressure watches, which are designed to measure high pressure reaching up to a thousand atmospheres and operate with glycerin.

The selection includes watches of any size, including all types of 10″ watches with connection to the panel and normal connection. Also, recently the company imports pressure transmitters 4-20 MA in all fields. You can also order from us Calibrated clocks on demand, precisely adjusted to the needs of the customer’s systems and machines.

Pressure watches with glycerin

Glycerin, also known as glycerol, is an organic compound consisting of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen atoms whose chemical formula is C3H8O3. High pressure watches with glycerin are suitable for liquid or gas based systems, in places where there are external fluctuations and pressure pulses. The watch works by filling with oil with an alcohol base and is designed to prevent the vibration of the watch hand due to the vibration of the compressor, this stability of the hand makes it easier and more accurate to read the requested data.

Correct choice of pressure watch

Our company has extensive knowledge and experience in designing and manufacturing mechanical and hydraulic systems with all their different characteristics and components. The knowledge and experience join the import of products from the best companies in the world, which meet the requirements of the most stringent standards. All of these make our company a reliable address for purchasing pressure watches, which provides only quality watches that are fully adapted to the customer’s needs.

Pressure watch orders

To order pressure gauges from our company’s diverse and high-quality inventory, including ordering a calibrated pressure gauge upon request, call IQS Hydraulics and Engineering at +972-4-8400303 .

Water pressure watch – watch for checking water pressure

At IQS Hydraulics and Engineering, which specializes in the production of mechanical hydraulic systems for industrial needs, we have a large and varied inventory of hydraulic products. Among other things, the inventory also includes a quality selection of high pressure faucets produced by the leading companies in the world.

Importance of high pressure taps in hydraulic systems

Hydraulic systems that we design, manufacture and install are required to deal with high pressures of compressed fluid that provides them with power. This is whether it is a vehicle, a machine, a ground crop, a cooling or energy system, or any other industrial need. In addition, in order for these systems to work well, it is necessary to take into account the laws of fluid movement and equilibrium, and apply them to all their components. The application is also reflected in the correct selection of high-pressure faucets suitable for the hydraulic system and its specific needs.

Quality selection of faucet types

EQS Hydraulics and Engineering has a wide variety of high pressure taps in stock, all of the highest quality made in Europe and intended for hydraulics, water, steam and pneumatics needs. The products include 2- to 4-way faucets, including electric and pneumatic actuators operating in the pressure range between seven hundred and two thousand atmospheres. In addition, we also have normal faucets that operate in the pressure range of three hundred and fifty atmospheres.

Order high pressure faucets

To order high-quality high-pressure faucets that are fully adapted to the needs of hydraulic systems, contact IQS by phone +972-4-8400303. Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with advice and additional professional information on the subject.

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